Driving from Albertville, follow the signs for Moutiers.  It is a two lane highway with heavy trafic during the ski season and at the beginning and the end of school vacations.


This highway will take you through Moutiers. Stay on this road and follow the signs for «Centre ville», you will arrive at the roundabout «de l'Europe».  Take the exit halfway around the roundabout then follow the signs for the D89 to Montagny, Champoulet and Feissons/salins.  Be careful not to take the D915 to Brides and Bozel.


On the D89 you will pass Salins-les-Thermes and Melphe.  Continue on for about 500m to a series of sharp bends in the road.  Above these bends on your left you will see a large house – you have arrived.  Drive past the house and a little further on the left there is a parking area for our guests.